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The February School Leadership Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 at 7:00am.


 School-based Decision Making - Collaborative School Culture 

School Leadership Team (SLT) members develop educational policies for our school and align resources to those policies. The SLT provides ongoing evaluations and assessments of our school’s educational programs and effect on student achievement.

The SLT is composed of an equal number of parents and staff and must meet at least once a month. The monthly meeting of the P.S. 215 SLT is the second Tuesday of every month, September through June, at 7:00am.

SLT Members 2022-2023

  • Valerie Miller, I.A. Principal
  • Pam Allison, Chairperson
  • Michelle Grecco, UFT Chapter Leader
  • Esfira Shakhmurova, PTA President
  • Eleanor Palmeri, DC-37
  • Jaime Gamez, Parent
  • Diana Mac-Lau, Parent
  • QingXiu Li, Parent
  • Enza Mazzaferro, Parent
  • Deniz Devino, Parent
  •  Danielle Provenzano, UFT
  • Suzanne Hanrahan, UFT
  • Maria Carollo, UFT
  • Maria Utthurralt, UFT