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 Parents, Teachers and Paras - Together For Our School Community


The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) serves an important fund raising, communication, and advocate role in our school. The PTA works with the local community to supply programs and events for students and their families.


The general membership meetings are the third Tuesday of every month of the school year. Meetings are at 8:15 am or at 6:00 pm 

The email for the PTA is 

Executive Board Members 2020-2021

  • Co-President: Lucille Intogna
  • Co-President: Joleen Crumbley
  • Vice President: Temur Dranker
  • Treasurer: Dana Parascando
  • Recording Secretary: Stefanie Fischetti

The November general membership virtual meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Please contact the school parent coordinator, Rosie Sallustio, at or check the Remind App for the virtual (zoom) meeting link.



  • Call to order                                                


  • Distribution and approval of October’s meeting minutes                   


  • President’s Report


  • Treasurer’s Report


  • Principal’s Report                 


  • Old Business


  • New Business


  • Membership Dues / Fundraising


  • Vote to change Bylaws for PTA Membership meeting to evening’s while using virtual platform.


  • 5th Grade Dues


  • Questions & Answers


  • Adjournment

Be involved, contribute, and support the PS215 PTA. We need you more than ever



Be involved, contribute, and support the PS215 PTA. We need you more than ever



The Virtual Election Meeting for the 2020/2021 PTA Executive Board and SLT Parent Members was Monday, October 26, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Please download the Zoom App prior to the meeting, please enter the meeting with your legal name (not iphone user) and have your mics muted upon entering. Verification for voting purposes will close at 6:45pm. If you have not entered the meeting before 6:45pm you will be unable to run for a position or vote in the elections. If we cannot verify you, you will be put into the waiting room until elections are completed. Please log in using your child’s student email and have the  last 4 numbers of your child’s student ID.  This will help to verify you as a parent of a PS 215 student and speed up the process and avoid the waiting time in the virtual lobby.   


Call to order/House rules (6:30pm - 6:35pm)
  • Verification of parent/legal guardians (6:35pm - 6:45pm)
  • Distribution and approval of September’s minutes (6:35pm - 6:40pm)
  • President’s Report (6:40pm - 6:45pm)
  • Move unverified parents/guardians to waiting room (6:45pm – 6:50pm)
  • Open nominations from the floor from (6:50pm – 7:05pm)
  • The following Executive Board Positions are open:
        • President/Co-Presidents            
        • Treasurer                     
        • Recording Secretary                                                     
        • Vice President ( Non-Core Position)     
        • Financial Secretary (Non-Core Position)
        • Corresponding Secretary (Non-Core Position)
  • Candidate speaking time (if applicable) (7:05pm – 7:10pm)                       
  • PTA election of candidates for 2020-2021 from (7:10pm - 7:20pm)
  • Selection and appointment of representative/designee, if required
  • School Leadership Team - Elections of 6 parent positions (7:25 – 7:35pm)
  • Move unverified parents/guardians back into the meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report -Distribution of Reports
  • Principal’s Report                 
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Membership Dues
  • Questions & Answers
  • Adjournment
All parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to attend and vote. 

If you have any questions, please contact the School Parent Coordinator, Rosie Sallustio, at