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2020-2021 Grading Policy

Grading Policy for Kindergarten - 5th Grade

(Pre-K students do not receive report cards or grades)

What You Need to Know:

  • Student grades will still be based on academic progress and performance, considering students’ entire body of work in each subject. 
  • Schools’ grading policies will reflect the new ways students complete their work in blended and remote learning models. This means flexibility with assignments, giving students different ways to show what they have learned, and more. 
  • Families have flexibility in determining how passing final grades are reflected on student records. This is an option for families who prefer to have their child’s performance reflected as a more general passing grade "MT" (meets standards) instead of a numerical grade of "3" or "4".
  • Additionally, students will not receive a failing numerical grade of "1" or "2" if they have not yet met the learning outcomes for their courses; instead, they will receive a "N" or "NL" (needs improvement or insufficient information to determine standard)
  • While students must continue to participate in remote and blended learning each day, attendance will not be a factor in student grades. 

Read the October 26, 2020 Letter from Chancellor Carranza on the 2020-2021 Grading Policy (translations also available)